My TED Talk: Using Friendship to Expand our Horizons

I once considered myself an intellectual narcissist, a person who was too much smarter than other people to interact with them. This was detrimental to my cultivation of relationships, but I didn’t care, because I was better of left to myself to study and explore the world.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I met someone who taught me to think of things from a different perspective. It is often said that females are more social than males, able to pick up on emotional cues with greater accuracy because of sex specific differences in the brain.  I always wondered how highly intelligent people behaved, there are many different types of them. As an intelligent male I saw myself as separate from the world. But what about a highly intelligent female person? Would they be social? Or less social, like me?

I would soon have my answer. One day I met a girl who was probably one of the cleverest people I’ve ever met.  She was like me, but a social version, shattering my schemata.

So how was my paradigm shifted?

Her way was to share knowledge, to learn about the other persons needs and goals, and to explore with them. I played chess, she sent me links on chess. I studied math, she sent me cute cartoons videos about mathematics. If I was upset, she sent inspiring clips over the internet

I suddenly learned that relationships did not have to be a waste of time. That they could be a learning experience for both parties. It was an shattering experience.

But what about constructing friendships of genius? Friendships of mutual exploration, constant learning, and intellectual stimulation? How many of your friendships or relationships are already like this? How many of them would you like to be like this?

Of all the people who are bored with their relationships with friends, lovers, what if you allowed more sharing to occur, more giving of yourself; allowing yourself to see the goals of your acquaintances and allowing yourself to journey with them on their quest to achieve those goals. You both learn along the way, and will likely become closer because of it.

This can be done through:
Sharing of links online
Sharing of books
Physical exercise


Ask what they like to do? What their goals are. And share what you like to do, and what your goals are. Then do this:

pick two or three friends, (try the ones you talk to the least).

Ask them to contribute one thing to your goals or interest at least once each week, and you will contribute one thing to their goals and interests at least once each week.

It is a different concept than paying it forward. It is a recursive back and forth giving between friends, in a way that helps them both grow and expand their horizons. Imagine if we shared things with all of our friends, and helped them along the way to accomplishing them, and they helped us do the same?

By tapping into our friends, I think it is possible for new worlds to be opened up to us. Large goals may seem less difficult when you allow friends to take more involvement. No matter how much we think we know on our own, there is always someone else out there who can expand our horizons.

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Destroying the Mutual Exclusivity of Mathematics and Art

Understanding mathematics has allowed us to create intricately beautiful imagery. Here, I combine some of the most interesting forms created by mathematics into a mosaic.

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Rules that any universe must follow

I was having a discussion with some individuals on Facebook’s Mensa page. The question posed was if there is a rule that all universes must follow. I answered that there is one, and it is this rule: that they must be permanent over a time horizon of length P such that P is greater than zero by any infinitesimally small amount.

What does this mean?
There could be universes being created and destroyed a googolplex times per second, undetectable by us because their infinitely short lifespans prevent them from growing into anything detectable by human science, or because they lack any physical properties.

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Beyond the Big Bang

What if “Big Bangs” are a routine occurrence in a larger Universe that contains our smaller universe, and one in which our universe only amounts to the smallest bit of particulate matter. In such a “Megaverse”, Big Bangs could occur as frequently as supernovae occur in our “Miniverse”.

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Words of Inspiration for an Aspiring Wall Street Candidate.

Remember Wall Street is truly a fraternity. Once youre in, its frankly pretty easy, fun, high-paying work. The historical difficulty has always been about breaking in. Most do it through family legacy/nepotism or Ivy League feeder schools.

Those are your ‘luckiest’ routes. As a personal reminder- I used my Ivy League BA + Naval Officer pedigree to spend 2 months in NYC fulltime networking, interviewing to break in at age 25. It may take one of those 3 methods to get a breakthrough opportunity buddy.

I think you have what it takes to make it,

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On Intelligence, Isolation, and the Value of Relationships.

I am technically one of the smartest people in existence. This plagues me at times, leads me to an isolated lifestyle. I spend much time alone,learning, and hording information to myself. But recently someone taught me the importance of sharing my being with others. Of eschewing selfishness. Of learning to care for others. She introduced me to the wonders of things I had never considered, to architecture, and the beauty of the physical world. She showed me that contribution to others was not necessarily detrimental to the self. She showed me that donation of one’s efforts could be a learning experience for both the giver and the receiver. And that being outgoing and seeking to interact with others was not a complete waste of time, nor are relationships. And that no matter how smart we are, there is someone else out there who can match our sharpness of mind, and provide us with excitement and endless learning. I never knew that relationships could reach such deeply intellectual levels. She rescued me from the desolate trenches of intellectual narcissism.

I once asked myself why Christopher Langan, one of the smartest people to ever have lived, was married. I did not see the utility in it such social conventions. But after meeting my friend, the veil has been lifted from my eyes.

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Everything seems perfectly describable by an infinite cycle of randomness.

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