On Intelligence, Isolation, and the Value of Relationships.

I am technically one of the smartest people in existence. This plagues me at times, leads me to an isolated lifestyle. I spend much time alone,learning, and hording information to myself. But recently someone taught me the importance of sharing my being with others. Of eschewing selfishness. Of learning to care for others. She introduced me to the wonders of things I had never considered, to architecture, and the beauty of the physical world. She showed me that contribution to others was not necessarily detrimental to the self. She showed me that donation of one’s efforts could be a learning experience for both the giver and the receiver. And that being outgoing and seeking to interact with others was not a complete waste of time, nor are relationships. And that no matter how smart we are, there is someone else out there who can match our sharpness of mind, and provide us with excitement and endless learning. I never knew that relationships could reach such deeply intellectual levels. She rescued me from the desolate trenches of intellectual narcissism.

I once asked myself why Christopher Langan, one of the smartest people to ever have lived, was married. I did not see the utility in it such social conventions. But after meeting my friend, the veil has been lifted from my eyes.


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